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W4PSH, Adrian Snow’s AM Transmitter

Posted: April 17, 2017 by nz1q in AM Equipment

It uses four 4-1000s for the RF and modulators.


CSI Electronics, Broadcast Transmitter Model T-2.5-AI.




Introduction to a vintage Gates AM Broadcast transmitter converted for amateur use.  Step inside and see what it is like with the tubes lit up.

Lots of big Tubes, Transformers and Capacitors!…


Posted: April 3, 2017 by nz1q in AM Equipment, HAM Fests, Web Site links

If you haven’t already joined “HamFest365” on Facebook, take a look today.  This FB page is filled with amazing radios, many of which are for sale.  It is a site with many pictures of vintage gear, much of which is seldom seen.

The site was established in January of 2017 by Elizabeth Wilson, K4GHT.  The group page already has over 275 followers.  HamFest365 is a one-of-kind tribute to the sale of vintage radio gear, amateur, commercial, military and homebrew – open to all for the purpose of selling equipment.

Here’s an example:


See the page at:

Stan Wood’s, WA4NFY, talk on the Voyage of the Pang Jin, with new, unseen photos and a family member of radio operator Rex Purcell.




Image 7

Image 6

Image 5

Image 4KC3CH Completes Valiant Restoration

The front panel and VFO cover silkscreen and paint are completed. (Thanks to Chuck Hurley) Super nice work Chuck!
Knobs are buffed out. pointers are repainted.
The electrical work is done. Lastly I am masking off the transformers and going to give them a shot of gloss black.
This one is a gem.

Been two years since I started this one. I guess the move didn’t help. It was nice to have a week off to enjoy the new work bench and play radio. The valiant project should be completed & on the air by the end of August.

Thanks to all the restorers in the group for inspiration over the past 10 years. Dr Harlin, Stan, Adrian…….When I look back at my first one (ranger 1)
I picked up a few skills along the way.

What a great hobby!
PS 3885 is a winner.

Randy, KC3CH

A Radio built for a Sailing trip from Hong Kong to the New York World’s Fair

Stan WA4NFY Reports It even had the original Crystal installed.This is the VS6BF Transmitter that I picked up at the Orlando Hamfest.This is the REAL THING as you can see in the attached Photos..It is a Great Story of the Trip from Hong Kong to the 1939 Worlds Fair.It even had the original Crystal installed.  The Crystal was 7.068 MHz which doubled to 14.136 MHz.I have it transmitting on 3.885 MHz and 3.645 MHz AM.

Go to Projects for more pictures and an article on the Transmitter’s history.




41st Russian Cargo Ship Launch to ISS…HamRadio Satellite ABOARD!

credit: Energia SPACEFLIGHTNOW

Among the cargo is ARISSat-1, a 66-pound spacecraft produced in a joint venture between the Radio Amateur Satellite Corp., NASA and RSC Energia. The craft will support amateur radio operators, transmit still pictures of Earth from onboard video cameras and play recorded greetings in 15 languages. Courtesy: Spaceflight Now | Credit:Tsenki TV