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A Great Little Clip from the past – W1GUD

Posted: February 24, 2018 by nz1q in AM Operating, SK

If you haven’t seen this YouTube clip, don’t miss it.
A wonderful moment with Warren MC’ing a QSO as no one else can.

Here’s the link:

with Dave N2LZ Maritime mobile


FL AM Group following Adrian’s service

Posted: January 17, 2018 by nz1q in Group Meeting, SK

Thanks to Larry WA0QHF for sharing the pic taken after Adrian’s service.
From l-to-r, Duane KI4JMH, Lona W1GUD, Rich WA3SXX, Mark AF1Z, Stan WA4NFY, Larry WA0QHF.


Adrian W4PSH, sk 2017

Posted: December 31, 2017 by nz1q in SK

Adrian’s service is:

Saturday, January 13, 2018
St. Paul Lutheran Church
5103 Central Ave., Tampa

Directly across from Hillsbough High School
Service at 11am.
Lunch and time to share stories at 12noon.


Adrian W4PSH, FLAM Luncheon June 2017


From Sandy, Adrian’s wife (December 31. 2017):

“We’ve known for a while that Adrian has had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and we had planned on telling Adrian’s daughter, Melanie, and Kerry at Thanksgiving but that’s when Kerry told us he was going to propose to Ashley during their vacation. We didn’t want to ruin their trip.

W4PSH Adrian.jpg

Adrian Snow W4PSH, 79 years old

Adrian was admitted into the hospital Christmas Eve day.  Earlier this week, Adrian’s cancer progressed rapidly so I talked to Kerry while they were in Geneva.  Melanie was able to book a flight from Chicago and got to Adrian’s bedside at midnight. She talked to her Dad and slept at the hospital overnight.


Kerry shorten his vacation and flew for 20 hour on three different airplanes from Geneva and got to the hospital this evening.  Kerry had an opportunity to tell is Dad how much he loved him and how much he appreciated his father’s strength to wait for his return.

Ten minutes after Kerry got to the hospital and talked to his Dad, Adrian passed.  He died tonight, December 30th at 8pm.  Thank you for your friendship and keep our family in your prayers, please.

Sandi Snow”

The Florida AM Group will miss Adrian (79 years old)




CSI Electronics Broadcast Transmitter – Model T – 2.5 – AI






Warren W1GUD – sk 2015

Posted: May 5, 2017 by nz1q in SK

FLAM Group will forever be grateful to Warren for fostering the Florida AM Group and the weekly AM net that he loved to host as net control.

Warren had been a ham for around 50 years, starting in New England and finally settling in Florida. He was a constant source of guidance and inspiration, not only in AM radio but personally for many of us and for all amateurs in which he came in contact with. Warren also started this site for the purpose of building interest in AM and vintage AM gear.

w1gud.pngW1GUD started this web page to keep everyone up to date on FLAM Group and present some of the events and history of AM’ers in Florida, the nation and worldwide.

Warren and his lovely wife Lona lived in Tampa, FL.     W1GUD continues on as Lona’s call sign and can often be heard on the Sunday morning AM net.

Born in New York City in 1951, Warren grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, and moved to Tampa from Youngstown, Ohio, in 1982 to work for WTVT, Channel 13, covering Pinellas County and later Tampa.

He stayed with the station for nearly 30 years before retiring in 2011, covering politics, police, courts and his favorite beat: NASA and the shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center.

Warren, W1GUD was last heard on March 29, 2015 checking into the FLAM Group Sunday morning net.

“Charlie had come to be the face and voice of Huntsville Hamfest,” said a statement issued by the Huntsville Hamfest Board of Directors. “Huntsville Hamfest was Charlie’s pride and joy, and he never missed an opportunity to promote the show or ham radio as a hobby.  Charlie was known to many on the FL AM Group net as “The Mayor of Huntsville,” checking in from “Rocket City.”

Charlie%20Emerson%20N4OKL.jpg Under Charlie’s leadership, Huntsville Hamfest maintained its growth and position in the Amateur Radio industry as one of the top hamfest organizations in the nation. Charlie had come to be the face and voice of Huntsville Hamfest among amateur radio equipment manufacturers, dealers, and attending ham operators. Known by his amateur radio callsign N4OKL, Charlie will be remembered as always laughing and telling jokes.

Charlie, N4OKL was last heard on November 6, 2016 checking into the FLAM Group Sunday morning net.

K2UST, Norm Wolfson – sk 2015

Posted: May 5, 2017 by nz1q in SK

In Memory of
Norman Wolfson
October 5, 1942 – May 28, 2015

Norm was a regular on 75m and 40m AM.   He was often heard Sunday mornings on the Florida AM Group net from the Palm Beaches (Lake Worth), FL.

K2UST Norm.png
Norm, K2UST’s Magnificent Johnson Thunderbolt Amplifiers & Hammarlund SP-600 Receiver [as posted by W1GUD].

Norm, K2UST was last heard on May 17, 2015 checking into the FLAM Group Sunday morning AM net.

VR6TC SK at age 77

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VR6TC SK  at age 77

(NY TIMES) Tom Christian direct descendant of Bounty Mutiny’s Leader dies on Pitcairn. As The Sunday Star-Times of Auckland wrote this week, “Tom Christian — along with the late King Hussein of Jordan — was the most popular contact in the ham radio world.”