Ham Shacks

Nothing feels more like home like a Ham Shack

The 1968 Ham Shack of the famous Op Walt Maxwell W2DU author of "reflections"

Don WA4JLI with a small part of his prized Collins Collection. He's decided to change the R-390 series receivers there to black face to match the A line pieces

Mint Collins BC Rig is centerpiece of VE3NGW Chris' Lauderhill HamShack and Wild Game Ranch!

From Mark KA4JVY - The Venerable Hallicrafters BC-610F w/ BC-614 Speech Amplifier

From WA1HLR - The Famous Cadaverlac Mobile HamShack, awaiting restoration, somewhere in Maine.

From Norm K2UST - Magnificent Johnson Thunderbolt Amplifiers & Hammarlund Sp-600 Receiver

From KC3CH - Flower Power HamShack- the garage radio digs share heat with the plants in from the Winter cold.

  1. Tony, K4OCF says:

    You all have a nice site and great info!

    I am looking for a home for a Heath TX-1. Just recently recapped!


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