W4FWB Fred St. Petersburg

Fred runs a Valiant II and National HRO-50T from his St Petersburg digs

Fred runs a Valiant II and National HRO-50T from his St Petersburg digs



WA4JLI Don Ft. Lauderdale

Don's Immaculate T-368 and R-390 More Pictures of his Airport Digs in Hamshacks

N4GUI Maury Cape Coral

Maury's Pride and Joy RCA BC Transmitter on 160m

KI4RUS Steve Punta Gorda

Steve's Trio of Restored Receivers with Pristine DX-100 Benton Harbor KW

AF1Z Mark O’Brien

Mark runs the classic Johnson 500 and Collins 75A4

WW9W Robert Dallas, TX

Robert keeps the Heavy Metal in the Garage...

W4PSH Adrian Brooksville

Beautifully restored Receivers, Johnson Transmitters in Adrian's Museum...

K4GHT Elizabeth Jacksonville 

SX-28, PRO-600 and ART-13 are only tip of BoatAnchor Iceberg for Liz!

K4DES Dave Punta Gorda

Dave's AM Gear includes a VikingII, 75A4 (Howard Mills) and RME69

KC4BYB Cary Tampa

Cary is joining us soon with nice SX-28, and a pristine Ranger I

K4JCP Joe Ft. Walton Beach

Joe Runs the Heath Apache and Hammarlund HQ-129X

K4WIP Roger Brooksville

Roger Runs Viking II & R-390


W0ENE John Yulee

'Yulee' John Runs a Ranger I and HRO - RME Receivers

Tim Smith WA1HLR Skowhegan, Maine

Globe Scout Deluxe Exciter, SX-62A Receiver, all TimTronized No Doubt...

W1GUD Warren Tampa

With Jr. Op Lucas, W1GUD runs Ranger IIs + 3-500zx2, BC-610I, SX-28 RCVR

  1. w1gud says:

    Let’s get those shack pics in for the website!!

  2. K2uST says:

    My Nephew took a new picture of me and my ham gear last week. I will upload it this week.

  3. Maury N4GUI says:

    Wow! Warren,
    The web site is looking so good.
    Thank’s for all the hard work.
    Hello to all of you “Sky Buddies”
    Norm, K2UST, found some HV caps for the RCA.
    It is not beyond the relm of possibility that
    the RCA will be on the Sunday morning net this winter.

  4. Don Jeerings says:

    I’m 83 years old , Original license K2OCN , Rochester New York Dads call was W2CXO (silent key long ago). Dont have any equipment but still got a lot of parts and bet I could build up a transmitter. Got 807s 811s TG40 and ceramic sockets & etc. Got some 4 and 8 mfd 10 kV caps. (Probably got some power transformers and maybe a modulation transformer. Got a Drake TR-4 that might have a working receiver in it..

    Used to run a gallon+ on 160, 80 & 40 . and 500 watts on 6 meters with a 10 element beam (dont know why)

    Do you people have any regular scheduled meetings

    It would be interesting to chat with some one that understands what you are talkiing about when you mention Pllate modulation and Cathode driven finals and exciters.

    Hams were off the air duiring the war years 1041, I think we got back on in 1945-6

    Live in Plant City Present call KI4EFL Handle Don

    • w1gud says:

      Hi Don… And thanks so much for leaving a comment on the site. We are really pleased that you enjoyed poking around here, and congratulations on such a fine ham career! We meet at the hamfests, next big one close by is Tampa…check out the Hamfests Button on the Homepage…
      73 and all the best…Warren W1GUD for the Florida AM Group

    • w1gud says:

      Don , can you send an email to me?


      Warren W1GUD
      Fl AM Group

  5. lloyd garvin jr. says:

    warren nice setup and the rest of the guys. from n4wpg in union mississippi. 3.885 gulf coast mullet society . real radio,s kill .lloyd

  6. K2uST says:

    What to say when the Sidebander says I hear you 15 kc in both directions!

    I suggest not to get in an argument with the person, just say ” thank you, I will check my equipment” Then lower your power and modulation for that day.
    This immediately resolves the possibility of the situation escalating resulting in a jamming or getting the ARRL involved. However, it is possible it is your equipment that is wider than it should be. This is caused by over modulation or too high a high frequency response from the modulator, or both. I usually find that my equipment is within the correct limits! So why is the Sidebander hearing me and complaining? In the case of my dear friend complaining to me, it is his transceiver set to full RF receiver (no attenuators dialed in). Also he is only 30 miles from me resulting in my AM signal putting a 60+ db signal into his radio. The FCC, remember those folks, don’t really care leaving it up to the “good neighbor policy” So be a good neighbor and remember to say ” Thank you, I’ll look into it” , even if it is his lack of knowledge and his equipment that is at fault.

    Norm, K2ust

  7. K2uST says:

    The Morning AM Group has changed frequency from 3885 kc to 3805 kc .
    We meet weekday mornings at 7:30 am until 9 am unless the topic of conversation gets “heated” . All are welcome that can overcome QRN….

    • w1gud says:

      I’ve updated the ONAIR listings on website for morning am group info

    • Doc says:

      Norm, You may want to check your dial calibration. The 75m net whose purpose and effectiveness you challenged this morning (12-APR-2014) was NOT operating in the AM window (which you pointed out to us is 3880 – 3885. We were, in fact, at 3831, some 50 kHz away. So, either you have a severe calibration error or you mistook a 3 on a digital readout for an 8.

  8. Wow, NICE site ! Really wonderful shack pictures and website ! I was listening in on 3885 this evening from Northeast PA and heard a bunch of folks with really nice sounding rigs. I heard Liz K4GHT, W0HRO, and KC2QMA and others !

    Hope to catch you all this weekend for the AM Transmitter Rally, Feb 11th & 12th !!!!!!!!!

    • w1gud says:

      Thanks Stephanie… appreciate your comments… and yes, all the AMers in Florida will be looking for you duirn gthe AM Transmitter Rally 11th and 12th…
      Liz K4GHT is a good friend, and member of the Florida AM Group…
      73 and thanks again for your nice comments…

      Warren W1GUD
      Florida AM Group

  9. Gil Gruson says:

    Hello, great site! Anyone I can talk to in Sarasota on 50.4 AM? Thaks, merry Christmas! Gil, AK4YH.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Gee Whiz, If I was there in Sarasota with my Heathkit Sixer that I just restored, I would talk to you ! 🙂 Merry Xmas from NE PA

  11. brian hamm says:

    KJ4JSN… Hello to all on the Florida AM Group looking for an original cabinet with the top lid. For my SP 600 JX 17 w- 19in 16- 1/2 D 10- 1/2 H, Thanks you may email me or call 561-339-8361 I live in Jupiter florida.73 s to all

  12. Kevin Thomas says:

    Hello and Greetings to the Florida AM Group

    I will be visiting ST George Island Florida the week of Oct 5-11 and will be listening in the mornings

    and evenings on the 75M AM window (3.885) from the island working a Kenwood TS570 (25w) from

    a minivan and a center-fed diapole hopefully in an inverted vee fashion.

    Hope to work some of your stations while on vacation there.

    73 to all

    Kevin KK4GZQ

  13. VE3NGW says:

    Hi Warren
    Great talking with you the other day! I just set up my new AM station, which will be a work in progress till perfection. The new setup allows me the use of my second living room as a A/V Studio. Isis has more room to stretch out and I get to keep all rigs in one control room.
    Let me know when you’re coming to town again, we’ll do lunch/dinner and get Don to join us.
    73 Chris

  14. Bry says:

    Great to see this group… I have been conspicuously absent, yet I am mighty encouraged about it when I see the illustrious WA1H (YelL) R is a registered participant here! Heck, I live in Florida and I love AM so I have no excuse! I hope to see you all on the Net soon. Also on, or in the vicinity of 3885 or 7290 kilocycles soon! 73 – Bry AF4K in Sanford, FL

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