“Charlie had come to be the face and voice of Huntsville Hamfest,” said a statement issued by the Huntsville Hamfest Board of Directors. “Huntsville Hamfest was Charlie’s pride and joy, and he never missed an opportunity to promote the show or ham radio as a hobby.  Charlie was known to many on the FL AM Group net as “The Mayor of Huntsville,” checking in from “Rocket City.”

Charlie%20Emerson%20N4OKL.jpg Under Charlie’s leadership, Huntsville Hamfest maintained its growth and position in the Amateur Radio industry as one of the top hamfest organizations in the nation. Charlie had come to be the face and voice of Huntsville Hamfest among amateur radio equipment manufacturers, dealers, and attending ham operators. Known by his amateur radio callsign N4OKL, Charlie will be remembered as always laughing and telling jokes.

Charlie, N4OKL was last heard on November 6, 2016 checking into the FLAM Group Sunday morning net.

K2UST, Norm Wolfson – sk 2015

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In Memory of
Norman Wolfson
October 5, 1942 – May 28, 2015

Norm was a regular on 75m and 40m AM.   He was often heard Sunday mornings on the Florida AM Group net from the Palm Beaches (Lake Worth), FL.

K2UST Norm.png
Norm, K2UST’s Magnificent Johnson Thunderbolt Amplifiers & Hammarlund SP-600 Receiver [as posted by W1GUD].

Norm, K2UST was last heard on May 17, 2015 checking into the FLAM Group Sunday morning AM net.

From the ARRL….

The numbers are in, and the first AM Rally, April 1-3, was a huge success, with nearly 1,500 contacts reported on the 72 logs submitted. Unique call signs logged numbered 664. Event co-organizer Clark Burgard, N1BCG, feels the actual number of contacts was quite a bit larger, because not all participants submitted LOTW logs, although logs continue to trickle in past the entry deadline. Burgard said he’s been hearing a lot of newcomers on AM lately, and he believes the AM Rally is a factor.

Steve Cloutier, WA1QIX, has a lot of heavy metal in his Massachusetts shack

“Perhaps the most endearing moments were an exchange between an op who got his General and an IC-7300 just in time for the event, and a report from an old timer, who said that he’d ‘dusted off his DX-100 and got her ready a week early for the Rally. First time back on AM since 1969,'” Burgard recounted. “This was just a sample of the positive spirit shared that weekend.”

Burgard said that several AM “tall ships” anchored throughout the bands greeted newcomers and helped all to make some easy contacts.

The top stations in terms of total contacts were W1AW at ARRL Headquarters in Connecticut; and Steve Cloutier, WA1QIX, and Stephen Harris, KB1VWC, both in Massachusetts. W1AW and Cloutier — an AM Rally co-organizer with Burgard and others — are ineligible to receive certificates, however.

W1AW logged 178 contacts in 29 states, while WA1QIX made 138 contacts in 26 states, and KB1VWC snagged 132 contacts in 28 states. Rounding out the top five were inveterate AMer Paul Courson, WA3VJB, in Maryland, with 121 contacts in 28 states, and John Bogath, N2BE, in New Jersey, with 57 contacts in 29 states. Some of the stations submitting logs worked just a single contact.

“Considering the solar flare, which wiped out the lower bands for a significant portion of the event, it was an amazing turnout,” Cloutier told ARRL. “For the future, it would be better to have the event in February — better propagation and less static, and a good thing to cure cabin fever.”

Throughout the weekend, the AM windows were very busy with radio amateurs operating AM mode using vintage vacuum-tube and solid-state equipment. Transmitters heard ranged from World War II-era BC-610s to Johnson Desk Kilowatts and other heavy metal, such as converted AM broadcast transmitters and solid-state homebrew units using Class E modulation. Plenty of name-brand transceivers were on the air, and many operators were excited to use AM for the first time. The on-air atmosphere was relaxed and cordial, with operators sharing their ham radio experiences and equipment used.

Join the Sunday morning AM net on 3885 kHz at 6:30 AM eastern time.  Following are the Net Control station assignments for the next three months.   Many thanks to Dave, WG4K for putting together and managing the net control roster.

Florida AM Group Net Control May 7 to July 30
May 7, 2017 K4JCP
May 14, 2017 N4JK
May 21, 2017 WG4K
May 28, 2017 WB4UIB
June 4. 2017 AA4MD
June 11, 2017 WA3SXX
June 18, 2017 NZ1Q
June 25, 2017 AF1Z
July 2, 2017 W4PSH
July 9, 2017 N4GUI
July 16, 2017 WA4NFY
July 23, 2017 KI4JMH
July 30, 2017 K4GHT  

Florida HamCation, 2017

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The Florida AM Group table at HamCation was filled with equipment for sale.

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Several AM’ers stopped at The Caledonian, Dave Dally’s (W2ORL) new brewery in Dunedin right after TARC fest.  The address is 584 Main St. Dunedin

Some of the FLAM group rumored to be there:
Maury N4GUI, Lona W1GUD, Bud WO4K, Gail N4YAK, Mark and Meredith
The Caledonian is just a few blocks from Gail (N4YAK) and Bud’s (WO4K) new QTH in Dunedin.Dave's W2ORL's  '38 Ford.png
Dave and Lona with Dave’s (W2ORL) ’38 Ford
Inside Dave’s new brewery.  Note the vintage receiver on the top shelf.  Hallicrafters?

The Florida AM Group consists of Radio Amateurs in the southeast US devoted to the preservation, restoration and on-air operation of antique Amateur, commercial, HB and Military Radio equipment.  We meet on the air regularly and gather several times a year at ham fests and group dinners.

Come back to the days of vacuum tubes and hi-fidelity audio, when real radios glowed  in the dark.  No need to have vintage gear to join in,  if it says AM join the net!  All licensed amateurs are welcome.  Florida AM Group net is for amateurs everywhere, meeting 6:30 AM eastern time on 3885 kHz, Sundays.

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