FL AM Luncheon – Nov 4, 2017 at N4GUI

Posted: November 5, 2017 by nz1q in Group Meeting

Maury reports the Rum Cake brought by Stan, WA4NFY  and Mary, the expert baker of the highly sought after dessert, was fantastic as always.  The Bubbly, once again provided by Rodger, K1HH was a real treat and always a big hit with the AM’ers.   Maury’s pulled pork disappeared and was a great success.  Maury started smoking the pork at 4 AM and was well worth the early morning start.  Another successful Florida AM Group luncheon.

Many thanks to Maury and Katherine for hosting this years FLAM Group luncheon.  Hope to see everyone next year.






Fall Florida AM Group luncheon

Posted: October 9, 2017 by nz1q in Group Meeting
Calling all AMers’,
The Fall Florida AM Group luncheon will be held on November 4th this year in the city of Cape Coral, Florida.
Katherine and Maury will be slow cooking a smoked pork shoulder and pull it apart to serve with BB-Q sauce.  If you would like to bring a dish, please do and let Maury know. Rodger and Betty are bringing some bubbly for a toast to the AMers’ present and past on this special day.
Some ideas for what to bring are, bread rolls, salad, vegetables, dip, desert, beans, cheese, pickles, fruit, chips, salsa, hot sauce, tea, soda, beer, wine, plates, cutlery, and etc…
Please RSVP ASAP to this email address.
Thank’s to all, and 73,
This msg sent by Maury – N4GUI and reposted here.   Email: n4gui@comcast.net.
1-Oct-17 N4GUI Maury
8-Oct-17 WG4K Dave
15-Oct-17 NZ1Q Ed
22-Oct-17 WB4UIB Rick
29-Oct-17 WA3SXX Rich
5-Nov-17 AF1Z Mark
12-Nov-17 N4GUI Maury
19-Nov-17 W4PSH Adrian
26-Nov-17 AA4MD Jim
3-Dec-17 WA4NFY Stan
10-Dec-17 KI4JMH Duane
17-Dec-17 NZ1Q Ed
24-Dec-17 K4JCP Joe
31-Dec-17 N4JK Art

NZ1Q, Ed enjoyed a great summer in NH located on a mountain at 1033 ft. Portable station included the FLEX 6500 and an 80m OCF dipole.  ETA Fla is early Sept.  Had a good copy on most Sunday morning nets via N4DKD SDR receiver.

Here is a link to my trip to the highest point in the northeast (6288 ft asl). I got to the top of the weather tower on the mtn. Wind gusting to 60 mph.  Additional pics on my Facebook page.


As relayed on the Florida AM Group Sun morning net by WB4YIB, BJ  –

Liz is in Jacksonville’s St Vincent Hospital.  She has been moved to a room where they have been working on stabilizing her potassium levels.  Liz is expected to go home soon and later return for another chemo treatment, which will be designed to be less aggressive than the last treatment.

She is improving as we send our prayers.

Join the Sunday morning AM net on 3885 kHz at 6:30 AM eastern time.  Following are the Net Control station assignments for the next three months.   Many thanks to Dave, WG4K for putting together and managing the net control roster.

August 6, 2017 WB4UIB
August 13, 2017 N4GUI
August 20, 2017 WA3SXX
August 27, 2017 AF1Z
September 3, 2017 W4PSH
September 10, 2017 AA4MD
September 17, 2017 WA4NFY
September 24, 2017 KI4JMH
October 1, 2017 K4GHT
October 8, 2017 WG4K
October 15, 2017 NZ1Q

FLAM Group Luncheon, June 2017

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The group met at Caledonia Brewery in Dunedin FL.  There was plenty of food for lunch and refreshments from the micro brewery run by Dave Dally’s son.  Dave, N2ORL was a wonderful host telling us about the brewery, his beautifully restored 1939 Ford “Business Coupe” and he also brought some vintage equipment that found new homes.

A special thanks to Mauri for helping to make the arrangements and Lona for bringing/organizing the food.





FLAM Group FB page 3 min video clip:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/154845541219803/